About Us

Who we are:

Opportunitypoint.org is a unique platform for queer and minority youths around the world. Our objective is to provide free access to information on specially curated opportunities and to help build the capacity of emerging leaders.


Why we do this:

We believe that with opportunities and support, young people can become whoever they want to be and live safe and satisfying lives. Unfortunately, queer and minority youths often live in violently hostile environment, face constant discrimination and have very little or no single access to opportunities. We aim to fill that gap and to support as many young people as possible, especially queer and minority youths.


How you can help:

  • Have opportunities to share? Forward them to us: submissions@opportunitypoint.org
  • Volunteer for us
  • Spread the word about us on social media and within your networks


Our Partners:

  1. Global Advocacy for HIV Prevention
  2. Young Queer Alliance
  3. JoopeA
  4. Advocates for Youth
  5. Improved Youth Health Initiative
  6. HOLAAfrica
  7. African Queer Youth Initiative





Disclaimer: Opportunity Point exists to share information on opportunities for your convenience based on available information. Opportunity Point and its partners shall not be held responsible for unintended, alternative or inaccurate information. We recommend you visit the official website or write directly to each opportunity provider for complete information and to address any questions you might have regarding each and any opportunity posted.