Training Opportunities

Human rights defenders can contact these organizations to take advantage of their training programs to enhance their skills and knowledge. Some training focuses on security while others cover advocacy tactics, policy frameworks, and other issues.  The Engine Room o The Engine Room investigates and supports the effective use of data and technology in advocacy. […]

Human Rights Awards

Human rights defenders can be nominated for these awards, which offer protective visibility, enhanced credibility, prize money, and travel opportunities for advocacy and protection purposes.  American Bar Association: International Human Rights Award o The International Human Rights Award honors and gives public recognition to an individual who has made a special contribution in the […]


Human rights defenders can apply for fellowships, which are sometimes affiliated with universities, in order to enhance their skills and temporarily relocate to a location abroad. Fellowships offer short-term protection and a chance to re-energize.  Centre for Applied Human Rights, University of York: Protective Fellowship Scheme o This protective fellowship scheme for human rights […]

Emergency Funds

Human rights defenders facing imminent threats or who have experienced targeted violence can apply for emergency funding. Some of these funding sources have strict requirements for how the funds can be used, while others are more flexible. Agir Ensemble pour les Droits de L’Homme: Emergency Fund This emergency defense fund aids human rights defenders who […]