Call for Applications – Steering Committee: Advise on the Content Development for Trans and Gender Diverse 101 eLearning Courses

Deadline- 15th October, 2023

Trans and gender diverse (TGD) individuals are chronically left behind in global health and human rights services and programs. Among other reasons, this is due to a great lack of TGD-informed and TGD-led consolidated resources on which various stakeholders can build relevant services and programs.

Frequently, assumptions about TGD people are not in congruence with the community perspectives, and programs are designed with these erroneous assumptions. This leads to, best case scenario, inadequate programs or, worst case scenario, harmful and humiliating practices. In the long run, this not only affects the quality of trans-specific services TGD people can access but also negatively impacts their trust and access to any healthcare or human rights services and programs.

Furthermore, while there is a wealth of literature and materials about TGD issues that can be found online, very few of those have actually been developed by TGD people themselves. This leads to inadequate, contradictory, or confusing information being presented on several different platforms through which anyone who wishes to learn more about TGD people and issues needs to navigate.

GATE will address this problem by developing a TGD-led consolidated TGD 101 online course that will be offered at GATE eLearning Institute. The curriculum will be developed by TGD people, with attention to those further marginalized, and will address concepts, community descriptions, legal and social issues, legal and social enablers, opportunities, and needs from the perspective of TGD communities. A project consultant will be in charge of leading the course’s content development with the guidance of a TGD-led Steering Committee.  

Objectives and Scope of Work

GATE is seeking to set up a TGD-led Steering Committee to advise the project consultant and GATE’s lead staff and guide the content development of the online course. The Steering Committee will ideally be comprised of 5 to 7 members.


Members of the Global Steering Committee will be expected to fulfill the following roles:

  • Provide advice to the project consultant to ensure that the course’s content comprehensively covers key topics to the TGD community, with particular attention to those further marginalized.
  • Review the consultant’s zero draft of course content.
  • Provide feedback and approve the final course’s materials, which will include at least:
    • One pre-training quiz 
    • One set of external resources 
    • A series of  interactive video trainings (between 5 to 10 minutes each, covering specific topics) 
    • One training guide/curriculum that covers all areas of training, divided into chapters 
    • One post-training quiz
  • Attend meetings with GATE Staff and/or the project consultant (no more than 3 meetings) when requested.  

Essential Requirements

Desirable Skills

  • An in-depth understanding of TGD health and human rights issues, including language, priorities, challenges, and with particular focus on further marginalized TGD communities through an intersectional lens;
  • At least three years of TGD volunteer or paid activism on the local, national, or international level (including online activism). Being involved with another social movement is a plus;
  • Shown interest in awareness raising, sensitization, and/or course development (trainings and events); 
  • Sound ability to engage with diverse teams.
  • Experience in working with human rights bodies or similarly strategic stakeholders to TGD issues (donors, governments, etc.).

Selection Process

GATE will select the Steering Committee members based on application forms received from interested applicants.

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