Call for Applications – Inroads Body and Territory Abortion Justice fellowship

Deadline: 27 April 2023

Our body is our primary territory. A vision that emerged and grew from indigenous and Global South feminist movements. Our struggle for human rights in the form of abortion rights, access, and justice connects us deeply to all struggles for justice across the world. The body as territory, territory as a place of contest and struggle, and the contest and struggle of ownership, belonging, and environment tie us continually to the intricately woven and interconnected struggles of systematically marginalized communities and the realities we experience, live, and challenge.

The inroads Body and Territory Abortion Justice Fellowship will be an exploratory, collective learning, exploration, and co-creation process that aims to gather 10 inroads members as fellows working at the forefront of abortion justice as it relates to body, territory, ownership, and autonomy.

The purpose of our fellowships is to be a space of mutual learning, creativity, and joy that begins from a space of questions rather than pre-decided notions and encourages exploration rather than predetermined expertise on the topic area. The vision is that fellowships inspire and support members to engage in intersectional stigma-busting and cross-movement conversations & initiatives.

Through this fellowship, we aim to produce an anthology exploring the connection of abortion, body, and territory, compiled and curated from the individual projects and creations of the fellowship cohort.

Examples of what fellows might create through this fellowship

  • A personal essay reflecting on the politics in bodies and territory
  • Illustrations
  • Poetry and song lyrics
  • Digital multimedia projects
  • Journal entries built from the fellowship workbook
  • Creative/political exercises in working with the body and territory

Who can apply?

  • Individuals who are inroads members (or applied to become) as of 27 April 2023.
  • inroads members who are engaged in the work of abortion justice as it relates to body and territory through personal, sociopolitical, institutional, community resistance, and more, with questions and ideas ready to delve into in a communal fellowship setting.
  • inroads members who are ready to be engaged in their desire to explore the questions which can be asked about the places we occupy now – what can be moved? What can be radically shifted? Tying into the experiences and wisdom they bring.


  • Each fellow will engage with the videos, reading materials, and/or resources shared in the Fellowship group in the inroads Circle Space and respond to small collective creative prompts 3 times throughout the fellowship. (3 hours total)
  • Fellows will attend all 3 co-learning sessions organized with a Body and Territory lens, led by other inroads member resource people. (4.5 hours total)
  • Fellows will work on their individual stigma-busting project with a shareable outcome for the collective fellowship anthology. (10 hours total)
  • Fellows will engage in a mutual sharing process of projects & evaluation of fellowship (2.5 hours total)
  • Total: 20 hours of commitment over 3.5 months.

What support will fellows receive?

  • Every inroads fellow will receive an honorarium of 1000 USD to support their participation in the fellowship, especially if they cannot be compensated for this work in other ways. In cases where you are able to participate in this fellowship as a part of fairly compensated work, fellows can choose to waive the compensation, allowing us to expand the fellowship experience for more invited fellows.


  • Applications for the Body and Territory fellowship will be open from 12 to 27 April 2023
  • Selected fellows will be informed by mid-May, and the fellowship will commence in the last week of May.
  • The Fellowship will run from May to September 2023.

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