Call for Application – AHEA Community Festival 2023

Deadline: 6rd October 2023

Appreciation for Activists and HRDs in East Africa is the Pre – Conference and AWARD ceremony that aim to recognize and appreciating individuals from LGBTIQ+ and SW Activists, HRDs, Allies and Partners that display “outstanding” commitment to the LGBTIQ and SW community . LGBTIQ and SW activists, HRDs, allies and partners around East Africa are among the people that are recognized for awards. The 04th Pre-Conference on Strategic Empowerment, will take place in Johannesburg, South Africa, and virtually from 07 to 09, Award Ceremony on 10th and the Members meeting on 11th November 2023. 

AHEA 2023, through the Community Festival, we give an opportunity to the individual members and organization to be able to be proud of their initiative and showcase their work to other participants and donors who shall be present. These may be in terms of Income generating activities or project wise which will be a way for advertising what they do and as a fundraising strategy and a networking zone for everyone and get a chance for knowledge exchange, experiences sharing or story telling.

In addition, the community festival sessions that will take place within the networking zones in the area which will present an opportunity to discuss important issues.

The Community festival Program will be on 10th November 2023 in the same Conference Area.

How to Apply

Visit the link here to Apply. In emergencies please contact us at