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The global COVID-19 emergency presents tremendous challenges to LGBTIQ people, especially in places with deep poverty and weak health systems or government infrastructure. When a crisis hits “everyone” – the most marginalized become even more vulnerable. LGBTIQ people in many parts of the world cannot count on governments or relief organizations for help. In too many places, LGBTIQ people will have less access to healthcare in the COVID crisis, will be hit hard by unemployment and food scarcity or will see their already thin margins disappear. That’s why OutRight Action International launched the COVID-19 Global LGBTIQ Emergency Fund to provide direct support where it is most needed and in solidarity with LGBTIQ organizations and people on the frontlines.

The grants that OutRight can provide can be used for any emergency that has occurred as a result of the COVID-19 health crisis. The funds may be used for immediate support to community members to buy food or medicines, or for your organization to pay rent and utilities. That is up to you, as you know what the immediate needs are. Just provide us with motivation in the application form. The grants that we provide are from $2,500 up to $10,000. You can start the application process by first looking at your eligibility.

Before starting an application, please make sure you are eligible to submit an application. Our eligibility criteria are:

– Your organization must work directly with and for LGBTIQ people
– Your organization must be based outside the USA, Canada, the
   European Economic Area, Switzerland, Australia or New Zealand

Once you’ve confirmed your eligibility through these first two questions, please feel free to submit your application. Our Emergency Grants are open for registered and not-registered organizations. Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide grants to individuals.

We try to process our Emergency Grants as soon as possible after receiving your application. The first round of reviews will start on April 17. We will only contact you if we are able to award you a grant. If you are awarded a grant, you will be responsible for following our terms and conditions, which you can find on our website.

Providing accurate and as much information as possible will help us respond to your funding request more quickly. Please make sure you have checked all email addresses and contact details thoroughly so that we can get in touch with you very quickly.
Please note we can only provide grants with a value from $2,500 up to $10,000. Most grants are expected to be at or below $7,500.
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