Vacancy: Community Building and Online Training Officer

Deadline is April 10, 2020

The Sogicampaigns project aims at developing creative campaigning skills of activists for sexual and gender diversities. They have over the past years created a dynamic resource center with over 150 case studies, developed an online course on campaign communication, built a community of over 1800 members and delivered training and mentoring to campaigners on all continents.

The COVID-19 crisis is having a huge impact on activisms on all fronts, including of course sexual and gender diversities.

To help organizations and activists adapt to this new and daunting challenge we are recruiting for the coming 6 months, starting as soon as possible, an enthusiastic and experienced campaigner.

The overall mission of the assignment will be to help advocates for sexual and gender diversities to

·       Develop creative strategies to face the situation that COVID-19 creates

·       Expand strategic online campaigning skills

·       Take part in a community of interest and practice around campaigning

Specific Tasks will include, but not be limited to:

·       Scope the field for creative campaigning ideas

·       Design “flash courses” on digital campaigning and build them into an online course

·       Update the existing course on campaign communication

·       Disseminate the online resources in engaging ways and provide support to learners

·       Facilitate horizontal connections and engagement of the existing community of creative campaigners and expand the membership.

The tasks will be conducted under the supervision and with support when necessary by IDAHO Committee board members.

Candidates must have a proven record of:

·       Creative campaigning experience on sexual and gender diversities issues, especially including online strategies to engage various supporter groups and creatively reach key target groups community management

Candidates also must:

·       Identify as a member or long time supporter of LGBTQI+ people and have a strong commitment towards them

·       Have excellent English

·       Be innovative and active on all major social media

·       Have a proactive and engaging personality

·       Be able to manage time and responsibilities in autonomy, and be able to report with daily timesheet

Candidates should in addition

·       Have some understanding of values-based campaigning approaches (for more on this see the online training course)

·       Have some experience in online training

·       Have connections to the broader global communities of interest and practice of campaigners

Candidates should be available at least 4 days/week

The monthly compensation is 1,500 USD. The officer will act as an independent consultant.

The officer will work remotely, from whatever location they prefer but must have excellent internet connections.

No travels are foreseen for this assignment, even beyond COVID-19 crisis

The position might be renewed at the end of the contract.

Interested candidates should send their CV and a covering letter outlining the general approach by which they envision to carry out their mission to

Deadline is April 10, 2020

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