Training Opportunities

Human rights defenders can contact these organizations to take advantage of their training programs to enhance their skills and knowledge. Some training focuses on security while others cover advocacy tactics, policy frameworks, and other issues.

The Engine Room

o The Engine Room investigates and supports the effective use of data and technology in advocacy. This involves a combination of applied research, generating evidence and providing direct strategic and material support to activists and organizations using data and technology in their work. Organizations seeking support can contact them directly at

Front Line Defenders

o In response to concerns expressed by human rights defenders about the challenges of addressing risks and threats, Front Line Defenders has developed a program of training on security and protection. The program, which includes workshops, courses, seminars, and training resources, aims to facilitate a sharing of skills, knowledge, and expertise to provide human rights defenders with additional information and tools that may assist in addressing personal and organizational security and protection issues. Workshops for human rights defenders at risk cover risk assessment, threat analysis, reaction to security incidents, digital security (basic level), dealing with stress, the production of practical security plans geared towards each defender’s unique situation, and how to produce organizational security plans. For more information, contact

The Global Human Rights Education and Training Centre: Human Rights Defenders Academy

o The Human Rights Defenders Academy is an annual advanced training program for human rights practitioners seeking to increase their monitoring and advocacy skills, develop an understanding of practical tools and measures to ensure their own personal security and protection, learn about EU foreign policies related to human rights defenders, and gain a practical understanding of how EU-level advocacy can positively influence human rights policies in their home countries. Additional HREA human rights training can be found on their website.

The Hague Training Course for Human Rights Defenders on Security

o This training course is designed for human rights defenders who are working on a wide range of issues all over the world. Each year, at least 40 persons are invited to The Hague to participate in two one-week programs which consist of modules covering diverse topics. For instance, one module focuses on protection mechanisms, while others cover how to use digital safety tools and carry out risk assessments. The training course also aids defenders in building skills to conduct advocacy and influence policy.

International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ)

o The International Center for Transitional Justice offers courses, workshops, and fellowship programs focusing on transnational justice for scholars, students, and activists. Training opportunities are posted regularly on their website.

Protection International

o Protection International offers online training courses on a range of subjects for human rights defenders to develop various skills, capacities, and strategies to improve security and protection, both for themselves and also for the people they work with. Courses are offered in English, Spanish, and French. The enrollment fees depend on various factors such as country of origin or residence, the institution the participant is involved with, and the course duration.

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