Call for Applications: Equitas International Human Rights Training Program (Scholarships Available)

Deadline: November 20, 2018. 

The International Human Rights Training Program (IHRTP) is an internationally recognised intensive three week training program. It is the only training in the world specifically dedicated to building the capacity and skills of human rights educators. The program is a unique opportunity for human rights educators to acquire practical tools to improve the effectiveness and impact of their work while deepening their understanding of human rights.

Who should apply?

The program is for human rights educators from civil society organisations, regional and national institutions and government agencies.

6 reasons why you should apply

1. Innovative approach

The Program is an immersion into the participatory approach. The participants are at the heart of the process. They analyze their work and create new strategies for action based on their own experience.

2. From education to action

During the training, the participants develop an individual plan, with the help of coaches, in order to put into practice their newly acquired knowledge and skills through activities (training, campaigns, evaluations, follow-up, etc.) within their organization and in their countries.

3. Diversity

The varied professional backgrounds of the participants brings a great richness to the program. Every year, close to 90 participants from more than 45 countries are accepted to the program based on their experience and commitment to the field of human rights.

4. Professional development

In addition to the participatory approach, the program familiarizes participants with the human rights-based approach, the gender perspective and the systems approach. The participants acquire and develop tools for improving the effectiveness and the concrete impact of their work. The IHRTP helps participants transform their working methods by making them more inclusive and participatory.

5. Networking

The IHRTP is an opportunity for participants to meet other committed individuals who, like them, are leaders working for change in their communities. By taking part in the training, the participants become members of a community of practice allowing them to network with former participants and experts and to share tools and resources online.

6. Expertise and international recognition

Equitas has 50 years of experience in human rights education. The quality of our prize-winning work has been recognized in Canada and abroad. In addition to having trained several world leaders in human rights, Equitas has an ongoing working relationship with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

How to apply

1- Create an account on Contact Equitas:

2- Complete the online application form
3- Upload the required documents on your Contact Equitas account :

• The Memorandum of Agreement duly signed by the candidate and the director of the candidate’s organization

• Two supporting letters from national and/or international human rights organizations (other than the candidate’s) that are familiar with the candidate’s work and/or the work of their organization

• A brochure (and/or mission statement) describing the candidate’s organization

4- Submit your completed application online


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