Call for Proposals: International Trans Fund Grants for Trans-led Groups

Deadline: 12 February 2018

The International Trans Fund (ITF) has announced its second call for proposals for trans groups, collectives and networks. The International Trans Fund (ITF) is a participatory grantmaking fund made up of trans activists and donors. The mission of the ITF is to mobilize sustainable resources for strong, trans-led movements and collective action, and to address and eliminate funding gaps impacting trans groups across the globe.


The ITF’s priorities in this funding cycle are to:

  • Fund a diversity of groups, including around regions, languages, gender and other identities, strategies and issues.
  • Reach trans communities facing greater levels of marginalization (e.g. racism, classism, ageism, ableism, misogyny and so on).
  • Support trans groups whose work is intersectional and contributes to social justice, movement building, and the liberation of trans people.

Key Terms

  • Marginalization
  • Intersectionality
  • Social Justice
  • Trans Movement Building

Funding Information

  • ITF warmly welcomes applications from trans-led groups with budgets below $150,000.
  • Most grants will range between $10,000 and $30,000 USD. Grants up to $50,000 may be considered in special circumstances. ITF does not accept applications for funding of more than $50,000 or less than $5,000.

Eligibility Criteria

  • ITF encourages groups to submit applications from any region in the world and accept applications for funding in English, French, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Spanish.
  • To be eligible for funding groups must be meet the following criteria:
    • Be trans-led:
      • The ITF defines ‘trans-led’ as trans people are in decision-making roles, including setting the organization’s strategic and financial priorities, AND make up 75% of the group’s staff, spokespeople, and Board or decision-making body.
      • If this is not the case, groups must demonstrate how trans people make budget, organizational and strategic decisions.
    • Have an operating budget under $150,000 USD.
    • Be a group of people (i.e. not an individual).
    • Main focus of work is to benefit the trans community.
    • Contribute to movement building, not just providing direct services

For more information and to apply, click HERE.

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