Call for Applications: Feminist Review Trust Fund

Deadline: 31 January 2018

The Feminist Review Trust is currently accepting applications from eligible entities for its grants program, representing the diversity of women’s lives globally and supporting the creativity with which women fight the inequalities they face.

Set up in 2001, the Trust was funded by Feminist Review. Run as a collective since its inception in 1979 the voluntary work of  Feminist Review’s editorial teams over the years has provided the means for the Trust to share the success of the journal with groups of women throughout the world similarly working for change.


Focus Areas

The Feminist Review Trust welcomes projects in the following areas:

  • Lesbian and transgender rights
  • Violence against women and girls
  • Disabled women and girls


Funding Information

The maximum value of any individual award is UK £15,000 (or its equivalent).


Eligibility Criteria

  • Individuals or organizations promoting projects within the Trust’s focused themes are eligible to apply.
  • The Feminist Review Trust will fund:
    • Hard to fund projects
    • Pump priming activities
    • Interventionist projects
    • Training and development projects
    • One off events
    • Dissemination
    • Core funding
    • Other projects


How to Apply:

Click HERE to learn more and to download the application forms.

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