Call for Applications: Equitas International Human Rights Training Program (Scholarships Available)

Deadline: November 20, 2017.

The International Human Rights Training Program (IHRTP) is an internationally recognized intensive three week training program. It is the only training in the world specifically dedicated to building the capacity and skills of human rights educators. The program is a unique opportunity for human rights educators to acquire practical tools to improve the effectiveness and impact of their work while deepening their understanding of human rights.

Who should apply?

The program is for human rights educators from civil society organizations, regional and national institutions and government agencies.

Organizations that nominate candidates must:

• have a demonstrated commitment to the protection and promotion of human rights

• have an established record for effective action • be involved in human rights education activities such as training sessions, workshops, public awareness campaigns, advocacy, monitoring

• be committed to providing opportunities for their candidate to apply the knowledge  and skills gained in the Program within the organization

Candidates from qualifying organizations must:

• be active employees/volunteers with their organizations for at least two years

• be in a position to influence the human rights education work of their organizations

• have knowledge of human rights principles and major international instruments

• be committed to transferring knowledge and skills gained during the Program to colleagues and to others with whom they work

• be sensitive to the issues which arise when working in multicultural groups, and be respectful of diversity.


Through the support of Global Affairs Canada (GAC) Equitas can award a limited number of scholarships to selected international candidates. A scholarship includes full tuition fees (including room and board) for the 3-week training program as well as travel expenses. Once eligibility has been determined, the selection committee will award the scholarships to the international candidates who best meet the requirements. Due to the limited number of scholarships available, there is no guarantee that international candidates selected will receive funding. Therefore, all candidates are strongly urged to immediately begin seeking funding from other sources.

One special scholarship, the Ruth Selwyn Bursary for Achievement in Empowering Women and Girls, will be awarded to a candidate who has:

• demonstrated a sustained commitment to the empowerment of women and girls

• advanced the rights of women and girls through the use of innovative methods, including education.

How to apply:
1- Create an account on ContactEquitas (
2- Complete the online application form
3- Upload the required documents on your ContactEquitas account :
• The Memorandum of Agreement duly signed by the candidate and the director of the candidate’s organization        • Two supporting letters from national and/or international human rights organizations (other than the candidate’s) that are familiar with the candidate’s work and/or the work of their organization
• A brochure (and/or mission statement) describing the candidate’s organization
4- Submit your completed application online.
Visit Equita’s website HERE.

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