Call for Abstract Submissions: International LGBT Psychology Conference

Deadline: October 15, 2017.

Moving LGBTQ Psychology Forward Together

In order for LGBTQ Psychology to be an effective scientific discipline, it must achieve two goals:
  1. Disseminate LGBTQ Psychological Research to a broad academic and clinical audience in order to improve the uptake and utilization of research findings;
  2. Advance the field of LGBTQ Psychology as a separate and valid area of inquiry within the broader field of psychological science.

Meeting these two goals can require separate approaches to research dissemination. While the first might require presenting a form of your research that can be understood and used by a broad, non-LGBTQ-expert audience, the latter requires that researchers in the field learn from each other in order to advance methods of best practice within the field and generate dialogue concerning the field’s challenges, debates, and controversies.

The 2018 Conference is designed to meet both of these goals! The pre-conference invites you to “Preach to the Choir” and move the field of LGBTQ Psychology forward, while the general Congress provides the opportunity to reach more generalist audiences in other areas of Psychology from around the world.


  • Theories of anti-LGBTQ prejudice
  • Methods of studying and recruiting LGBTQ populations
  • Measuring sexual and gender identity
  • Encouraging & Teaching LGBTQ-inclusive research methods
  • Two-spirit and indigenous experiences of gender and sexuality
  • Getting LGBTQ (youth) research approved by ethics boards
  • Intersections with other identities (race, ability, SES, gender identity, nationality, etc.)
  • What is the future of LGBTQ Psychology?
  • Historical overviews of LGBTQ Psychology’s past and progress
  • Rifts / Points of contention within LGBTQ Psychology 
  • Global perspectives on LGBTQ Psychology
  • Diversity within LGBTQ communities

Abstract Submission Guidelines

Abstract Formats:

  • Oral Paper
  • Symposium
  • Data Blitz Paper
  • Poster
  • Roundtable Discussion

During the submission process, you will be asked to select your preferred method of presenting. You may select more than one format and rank them by your preference. Abstracts should be no more than 250 words, unless otherwise specified.

Oral Presentation (20 Minutes): An oral presentation that will be grouped with 2-3 other presentations. Each presenter will have roughly 15 minutes to speak and 5 minutes to answer questions.

Symposia (1 Hour): A complete set of 3-5 papers on a coherent topic. Please submit an abstract for the overall symposium explaining how the papers fit together as well as individual abstracts for each paper.

Data Blitz (5 Minutes): These are short, to the point, and fun presentations! Each presenter will be given 5 minutes (and not a second more) and 3 slides in which to present the most important and interesting aspects of their research.

Poster: Poster presentations offer the opportunity to present your work visually. Posters will be displayed at various points throughout the conference and there will be designated times when presenters are asked to stand near their poster in order to engage with those interested in hearing more about the work.

Roundtable Discussion – 1 hour During Lunch: Roundtable discussions are informal sessions where the submitter serves as a discussion facilitator with a small group of delegates interested in discussing the proposed topic. These sessions will take place during lunchtime, offering delegates the opportunity to pick a table to eat at by picking the topic that they would most like to discuss.


Please click this Portal to start your submission.



For sponsorship and scholarship opportunities, please contact the organisers directly. You can visit their official website HERE.

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