Call for Applications: Comic Relief Safe Spaces Grant

What are ‘safe spaces’ and ‘platforms’?

Safe spaces provide supportive and non-judgemental opportunities for women to come together and freely express their feelings, emotions and experiences without fear of being shunned or judged. They encourage healing, allow them to challenge false beliefs about women and girls’ capabilities and destinies, and allows them to build self-confidence and empower women to take control of their lives and futures. Ultimately, they enable women and girls to come together, heal, thrive and organise for change. Platforms make the radical change that women and girls want to see a reality. They enable them to take collective action, challenge exclusion and violence and have their voices heard. Platforms could be virtual (online) or physical. They may, for example, facilitate campaigning, the creation of networks of solidarity, fundraising for the women’s movement or the creation of women collectives.


Funding available

Comic Relief anticipates making between 15-25 grants up to a total value of £750,000. Proposals are welcome for between £25,000 and £50,000 for 24 months work in South Africa, Kenya or Ghana.



They are looking for innovative proposals which use creative, fresh approaches and:

  • Put women and girls at the centre of their work. Women and girls will drive the change and make the decisions – they will identify their needs and priorities; and then design, develop and take part in activities and opportunities accordingly
  • Demonstrate that they have a good understanding of the needs of women and girls they’re working with
  • Create safe spaces or platforms for women and/or girls to be safe from violence and to create disruptive change (see guidance on safe spaces and platforms above)
  • Show a clear evidence-based plan (theory of change) on how they will make change happen
  • Demonstrate a need for collective action and show that they can deliver the identified change
  • Work with women and/or girls in Ghana, South Africa or Kenya. We are especially keen to receive applications from organisations based in the community in which they are working. Applications to work with national partners will also be considered

Women and girls should be the primary focus of the proposal and applications will need to meet at least one of these outcomes:

  • Women and girls have voice, influence and agency
  • Women and girls have access to resources, services and opportunities
  • Women and girls have the space to influence formal and informal institutions

Proposals to this initiative must meet Comic Relief’s general eligibility requirements (see their policies) and the above eligibility criteria. In addition applicants must also:

  • Have previous experience of working with women and girls
  • Be registered in South Africa, Kenya or Ghana
  • Already be working in South Africa, Kenya or Ghana


Funding process

They require all applicants to submit a number of documents as part of their proposal to support their due diligence and assessment.


To visit their website and to apply, please click HERE.

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