Call for Grant Proposals: UHAI EASHRI Peer Grants

Deadline: 23rd July 2017.

UHAI EASHRI is Africa’s first indigenous activist led and managed fund for sex workers and sexual and gender minorities. UHAI supports civil society organising for and by sex workers and sexual and gender minorities in the seven [7] Eastern Africa states of Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo [DRC], Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda with flexible grants; capacity support; Pan-African organising and convening; and knowledge building and documentation. UHAI award Peer Grants once a year through an open, competitive process determined by the Peer Grants Committee [PGC] who are thirteen [13] activists nominated from Eastern African sex workers and sexual and gender minorities movements to represent the region’s diversity. Through this participatory peer reviewed grant making process, half of all UHAI EASHRI grants are awarded through the Peer Grants process.

Grants available under this Peer Grants Call of 2017

Msingi grants:
These are 1-year foundational seed grants aimed at initiating new work and supporting small-scale initiatives. The funding ceiling for Msingi grants is at USD 5,000.

Tujenge grants:
These are 1-year grants with a ceiling of USD 15,000. They are intended to initiate large-scale activities, and/or to contribute to ongoing programme work and the core costs of developing organisations and programmes.

Imarisha grants:
These are 2-year general support grants of up to USD 50,000 allocated as a maximum of USD 25,000 per year. These grants are purely for core-support to the organisation. Imarisha grants are geared towards consolidating and sustaining organisations with long-term and large-scale activities.

The application and submission process
Provide a proposal narrative for your application through filling in the application form HERE. Once you have discussed the proposal with your organisation and everyone is happy with it, please send it by em ail to (UHAI will only accept proposals through this email).

Also note that UHAI gives grants in USD and so proposal budgets should be done in both your local currency and USD, with an exchange rate noted. All applications done only in USD with no foreign exchange rate noted will be disqualified.

Learn more about the peer grant by clicking HERE.

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