Call for Nominations for UN Women Informal Group on LGBTI issues

Deadline: 5th July, 2017
UN Women invites individuals to send in recommendations of LGBTI advocates.They are seeking membership that will be geographically diverse and with representation from global, regional and national networks and groups, and also an emphasis on youth voices.
UN Women’s Strategic Plan identifies as a founding principle, the promotion of inclusiveness, and the focus of its programming on the poorest and most excluded groups. UN Women is also fully committed to support the achievement of the SDGs, with focus on gender equality and on the commitment to leave no one behind.
  • The Informal Refence Group on LGBTI rights will enable UN Women to
    • consult with LGBTI civil society leaders regularly and in a timely manner on issues of relevance, and
    • draw upon the rich and diverse expertise, experience, outreach and networks, perspective and knowledge of LGBTI civil society.

Role of the Group

The Policy Director and/or Chief of the Civil Society Section at UN Women Headquarters will convene the Informal Reference Group. It will:

  • Provide strategic and intersectional perspectives on crucial LGBTI and gender equality issues and UN Women’s priorities;
  • Provide input on current issues, including controversial or contentious ones where UN Women’s advocacy and leadership is important
  • Assist in strengthening UN Women’s engagement with LGBTI civil society at all levels (global, regional and national/local), including through support to UN Women’s programming activities.

Membership of the Group

  • The Reference Group will have 8-10 members who are committed to the core values of the United Nations and will be reputed individuals with proven track record in their respective fields with strong credentials as LGBTI/gender justice advocates.
  • The Group shall have diverse geographic representation.
  • The reference group will serve for one year, at which point there will be a review of the group’s activities, membership and Terms of References

 Scope of Work:

The Policy Director and the Chief of the Civil Society Section will convene the Reference Group twice a year. Given geographical diversity of the Reference Group, these meetings will be held virtually, e.g. via videoconferencing. In addition, UN Women may seek to consult Reference group members individually or in smaller groups, as the situation may demand. Group members will also be at liberty to reach out to the UN Women leadership, as necessary, on issues that they would like to bring to UN Women’s attention.

Communications will be made with the group shortly after the deadline.
Click HERE to find the Terms of Reference
Send recommendations to Alexandra Lockyer

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