Call for Nominations: Program Advisory Panel for ROBERT CARR FUND

Deadline: August 1st 2017.

Launched in Washington DC in July 2012, the Robert Carr civil society Networks Fund (RCNF) announced its first funding decisions in December 2012. The RCNF was named in honor of Dr. Robert Carr to recognize his work and his commitment to regional and global organizing of vulnerable communities to promote their human rights.

The RCNF is aimed at:
i. Supporting global and regional civil society networks addressing critical factors for sustaining
and scaling up access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support; and
ii. Protecting the rights of inadequately served populations across the world.
The Program Advisory Panel of the RCNF consists of 9 members and 2 reserve members. This invitation for nominations aims to identify the 9 members of the Program Advisory Panel (PAP) for the years of 2017, 2018 and 2019.

The RCNF is advised by a Program Advisory Panel (PAP). The PAP is appointed by the ISC and operates independently as the main advisor to the ISC. The PAP reviews all funding proposals to the RCNF and based on those reviews provides funding recommendations to the ISC. The PAP also works closely with the secretariat and ISC to support RCNF activities such as monitoring and evaluation and communications. The PAP is provided with logistic support by the RCNF secretariat, including travel arrangements and meeting costs related to proposal review.

The role and responsibilities are:
a. Help the ISC and the secretariat to develop proposal forms and proposal evaluation criteria;
b. Review proposals for potential RCNF funding; make detailed recommendations to the ISC about which organizations to fund, for how much and with justification according to predetermined criteria to the ISC;
c. Support the secretariat on monitoring and evaluation and communications;
d. Provide guidance to the secretariat on the development of capacity building and technical support activities for grantees;
e. advise on implementation of M&E activities of beneficiaries;
f. advise the ISC on the development of a Terms of Reference for the independent evaluation of the
g. Adhere to all RCNF policies, including Conflict of Interest and the Corruption, Fraud and
Mismanagement policies.

Who should apply to be a member of the Program Advisory Panel?
 The RCNF is seeking PAP members who are experts. PAP members are selected for their experience with grant making and technical assistance, so as to provide the ISC with strong advice about financing and support of organizations and networks that may be operating with limited resources, experience, capacity, and/or constraints due to stigma and discrimination. RCNF strives for a range of expertise related to community responses to HIV to be represented on the PAP, members will be selected to ensure a balance of experience related to community responses to HIV, civil society networks, regional needs and responses to HIV and expertise related to ISPs.

1. All PAP members should have the ability and availability to review and score grant proposals, discuss them in English, and offer perspectives about how international funding can support activities and organizational capacity toward global and regional civil society and community HIV networks.
 The RCNF is striving for diversity amongst its PAP members, including diversity of gender, age, language, nationality, ethnic/racial background, and socio-economic background. This includes:
2. At least six members, if not more, of the PAP are from civil society, meaning that they are not employed by government agencies;
3. At least six members, if not more, of the PAP are self-identified as being part of, and as having long experience in working with, one or more inadequately served populations;
4. At least three members, if not most, of the PAP are openly living with HIV; PAP members should be independent
5. PAP members cannot be closely associated with applicants to the RCNF, specifically PAP
members cannot be staff members or board members of organisations in receipt of RCNF funds.
6. The PAP members are volunteers. Costs for teleconferences and face-to-face meetings are covered by the Robert Carr civil society Networks Fund’s budget, but PAP members are not otherwise remunerated for their service on the PAP.
7. In total, each PAP member is expected to be available for at least 6 days in reading, reviewing, and scoring proposals, at least 3 days in meeting with other PAP members to discuss and finalize reviews, and at least 4 additional teleconferences with the ISC and the secretariat to discuss grant making recommendations and processes. PAP membership is at least a two-year commitment.
8. The term of membership on the PAP is two years. For the sake of effectiveness and
continuity, at least one third of the PAP members are asked to continue to serve a second term.
9. PAP members are nominated through a periodic open call for (self-) nominations. o All nominations and self-nominations are reviewed and comparatively scored by a
subcommittee of members of the ISC or an independent panel appointed by the ISC.
10. The ISC decides on a final set of individuals to serve on the PAP.
11. The PAP consists of at least 9 members and at least 2 reserve members. Reserve members
are people who can be called upon if PAP members have to recluse themselves or have to step down for other reasons;

How to Apply:
Any person who is interested in applying should fill out the online application form and upload a resume.

The RCNF International Steering Committee will make a decision on the composition of the PAP by mid – August 2017. Interested applicants should be aware that a PAP meeting is scheduled to take placed on the 25th and 26th of September 2017, if possible these dates should be kept available for meeting participation.

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