SWF Call for Grant Applications – Strengthening South Asian Feminist Movements

Deadline: 30 June 2017.

The South Asia Women’s Fund (SAWF) is currently accepting applications from interested women and trans rights groups, organisations and activists for its 2017-18 Strengthening South Asian Feminist Movements programme with an aim to support the voices and leadership of those facing multiple discriminations, working within difficult contexts and circumstances.

Types of Grants
1. Project/Programme Grants: Supporting the implementation of new, innovative ideas; up scaling of a previous/on going programme; support for on going programmes.
2. Core or Institutional Grants: Supporting institutional costs such as salaries, equipment, travel costs, rent, office maintenance, audit and costs of other legal and financial compliances. Core funding is also given for setting up new organisations as well as supporting the secretariat costs of sub-national, national, and regional networks.
3. Collaboration Grants: Supporting a joint initiative between two or more organizations at the sub-national, national, sub-regional and regional level.
4. Mentorship Grants: Supporting a capacity strengthening process for an individual activist or a women’s group by an expert/mentor identified by the applicant.
5. Travel Grants: Support for events, conferences, and capacity building initiatives, which are critical spaces for learning, growth, exposure, and strengthening of regional perspectives and collective voices for women’s rights and empowerment.
6. Research Grants: Support for baseline research or a needed publication by women’s rights groups or activists, which is focused on/addressing critical women’s issues that also feeds into the larger canon of feminist work or is for the purpose of influencing policy or undertaking advocacy, at the local, national or regional level.

Themes and Grant Sizes
Strengthening Feminist Voices, USD 1000-10,000
Movement and Labour, USD 5000 – 10,000
Autonomy, Decisions and Sexual Rights, USD 5000 – 10,000
Access to Justice, USD 1000-5000

Eligibility Criteria
Any woman’s/trans rights organisation whose annual budget is under USD 50,000, located in the focal countries (mentioned below) can apply.
The organisation/group should have women’s/trans leadership in it governance and staff. ie. The team should be led by a woman/trans person, and at least 70% of its decision making body and staff should be women or trans.
At least 70% of the organisation’s programmatic resources should be spent on working for women/trans rights.
The organisation should be committed to feminist principles and rights based approaches
A second-line woman/trans leader of an organisation (which is not a women’s rights organisation) may apply for an individual grant.
Individual women and trans activists or scholars may apply for small grants (USD 1000- 5000) under any of the thematics.

How to Apply
To apply, submit an LOI HERE.

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