QUEERFEST: Open Call for Festival Participation

Deadline: June 12 2017

What is “QUEERFEST”?
QUEERFEST is a cultural and human rights event against xenophobia, organized in the Pride festival format. Ten Days that accommodate more than 15 different events. The ninth international festival “KvirFest” will be held in St. Petersburg from 14 to 24 September 2017.

Great fest, and that the competition?
We love to share their spaces. And so on “KvirFeste” there is a special format of festival life – OpenSpace events. If you – the independent activist or activist initiative group or organization, and you have something to say – this format is for you. Today we are opening a competition for participation in the OpenSpace so that anyone could organize readings, discussion, performance, film screening, workshop, Vork shop or other activity, reveals the theme of the festival.

About you, about me, about our lives: the theme of the new “KvirFesta”
We all live one life. Here and now. Today, fall in love, we learn today, right now, talking with parents, looking for support, looking for work, friends. We know your body, humble health characteristics, build their family or close circle, reveal their sexuality. Now. We can not wait until we “allow” our life has already begun and we live it as best we can – yes, in these difficult Russian conditions. We are. And in 2017 we will invite festival guests on a journey through our lives.

“Through life” – the theme of the ninth Petersburg “KvirFesta”. We want to immerse themselves in the history of the people of our communities, revealing the everyday culture of the LGBT community. There will be all over the place, so that there is a place in the lives of all people – the voices of love, loneliness, relationships, families, bodies, physical and mental health, old age, death.

Who can come to “QUEERFEST”?
We invite activists and the LGBT movement and all activists who have something to say from the Russian Federation (not only Petersburg – all regions), as well as from the former Soviet Union countries. We pay travel and accommodation for the participants and the participants OpenSpace.

What we look for when we select an application OpenSpace?
Originality feed material. On the representation of different groups, identities, ages. On realism organization – whether we can provide resources to the event. And, of course, to match the theme of the festival. This year “KvirFest” conceived very personal – our voices, our stories, our statements.

Eligible Region:
Activists from Post Soviet space

Everything is clear, I want to take part / to come! What should I do and in what time frame?
Fill in the form on the link or below on the page. Accepting applications opened c 23 May to 12 June (inclusive) 2017. July 4 All applicants will receive a letter from the organizing team of the selection results.

Find more details and application form HERE.

Have any additional questions? Write Ruslan Savolaynenu ruslan@comingoutspb.ru – indicating in the subject line “OpenSpace QUEERFEST-2017”.

*Translated from Russian using google translate*

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